500ma digital x-ray machine MSLHX06

500ma digital x-ray machine MSLHX06

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500ma x-ray machine | Digital Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale

50KW x-ray machine

MSL price of Filming machine MSLHX06

500ma x-ray machine | chest x ray machine MSLHX06 video

Vertical x ray machine MSLHX06 video

MSLHX06 x-ray machine control console | X-ray Imaging Syste video

Digital Filming machine for sale

MSL 500ma x-ray machine MSLHX06 Production Specification

High frequency and pressure generator: Size: 600*420*650mm
the high frequency multiple-pulse X ray generator is used for radio diagnosis, it ensures data and repetition’s accuracy and shorten time of exposure.
with the most professional and stable high frequency and pressure generator, it makes a high dose output,high power load and ultrahigh frequency contravariant which perfectly guarantees users’ radiography quality. The generator is compatible with almost all good brands of tube in the world.
it is equipped with APR/AEC which  possess tube overload protection)
the control functions of the generator are integrated in the system control center
It can meet high frequency filming requirements since its rated voltage is with a high of 150KV
50KW large capacity makes a longer uninterrupted work
perfect performance and stability 
it is complicated to set parameters for most of generators which lead to time wast. But our generator is equipped with easier parameters settings and firmwares updating programs. 
rotating anode’s calorific capacity display and protection can prevent overheat of pipe shroud cause by overload.
It stops the rotating anode by DC, it makes less noise after exposure.
X-ray Film Machine
MSL price of Filming machine MSLHX06
MSL buy Filming machine MSLHX06
x-ray detectors for radiography
computed radiography detector

X Ray tube module

1.module is rated voltage is 150KV,it guarantees stabilization of operation.
2.Focus: small focus: 0.6, big focus:2.0, focus power is high enough to make operation stable.
3.X ray module is equipped with heat protection switch.
Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale price

column rack

1.new generation light-design  saves much space. easy to assemble.
2.It is convenient for clinical application, satisfying multi-dimension filming requirements for every part of human body.
3.flat bed can only be moved when it is being charged.
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MSL cost of Filming machine MSLHX06
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good Digital Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale
U type filming bed  
Lengthways moving range: 1000mm
Transverse moving range: 230mm
Moving range of flat panel detector holder: 350mm
Load-bearing of the filming bed: no less than 150kg
Thickness of filming bed board: 8mm solid carbon fiber plate
old Filming machine MSLHX06
old Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale
medical Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale
price of Filming machine MSLHX06
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MSL medical Filming machine MSLHX06
Digital Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale price
height of vertical  
1.height of vertical type filming racks: 1920mm
2.Up-and-down motion range of flat panel detector:1300mm( manual operation)
X-ray machine MSLHX06 price
Specifications of tube support: 
Stand column height: 2000mm( including ground rack)
Size of ground rack: 3100*460*40mm
X ray tube holder’s up-and-down moving distance: 1250mm(manual operation)
X ray tube holder’s left-and-right moving distance: 2000mm( manual operation)
X ray tube’s angle of rotation range: 0°±2°~ ±135°±2°
Arm stretch length of X ray tube arm: 200mm
X ray tube stand column rotation range: ±360°
MSL price of Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale
MSL old Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale
MSL price of Filming machine MSLHX06
MSL buy Filming machine MSLHX06
MSL best Filming machine MSLHX06
best Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale
Digital Filming machine MSLHX06 for sale Packing list
NO. nae unit
1.    X ray tube holder                                 one set
2.     sternum stand one set
3.     filming bed                                  one set
4.    X ray tube                                 one set
5.     Beam-defining clipper one set
6.     high frequency and pressure X ray generator for medical diagnostic use             one set
7.     operating console one set
8.     high voltage cable                                two faculties


Configuration parameter of the x-ray machine
NO.  technical requirements
1  high frequency and pressure X ray generator for medical diagnostic use            
1.1 input power: 380V±38V,50Hz±1Hz。
1.2 maximum power output :50 kW
1.3 Photography tube voltage:it can be adjusted continuously, adjustable step width is 1KV,adjustable range: 40kV~150kV
1.4 photography tube current:it can be adjusted by sections. Adjustable range: 10mA~630mA
1.5 load time: adjustable range:  0.001-10sec
1.6 current can be adjusted by sections. Adjustable range: 0.1mAs~500mAs   
1.7 working frequency: 100kHz 



2 X ray tube
2.1 :highest peak tube voltage: 125kV
2.2 maximum filament current’s heat characteristic: big focus:5.4A, small focus:5.4A. 
2.3 focus: small focus:0.6mm;big focus:2.0mm
2.4 Anode input power:small focus:18kw;big focus:50kw
2.5 Anode optics angle: 14
2.6  rotate speed of Anode: 2800rmb
2.7 Anode thermal capacity: 160kJ (220kHU)
2.8 tube module thermal capacity: 1250KHU(900KJ)
3  Filming bed
3.1    length: 2200mm±10% 
3.2    width: 750mm±10%
3.3    lengthways moving range  of bed surface: 1000mm±10%
3.4    crosswise moving range of bed surface: 250mm±10%
3.5    bed surface locking pattern: electromagnetic lock(permanent magnet)
3.6    bed surface locking control: foot switch
3.7    breaking force: ≥100N
3.8    starting force:≤50N
3.9    load bearing of bed panel: ≥150kg
4 stand column
4.1     height: 1920mm±10%
4.2    up-and-down moving range: 420mm-1810mm±10% 
4.3    up-and-down moving range along the lathe bed: 2000mm±50mm
4.4    vertical lift range along the lathe bed: 430mm-1660mm±10%
4.5    left and right moving range of flat panel detector : 350mm±5%
4.6    X ray tube module’s slewing range around the cross arm(power brake locking):  360°
4.7    X ray tube slewing range: 0° ±2° ~   ±90° ±2°
4.8     stand column slewing range: fixed
5 beam-defining clipper
5.1    power supply: 24VAC,7A
5.2    inherent filtration : 2.0mmAL/75KVp
5.3    it is easy to turn on and off, flexible and reliable. It makes different sizes of rectangles exposure field in accordance with various requirements in practice. 
6 others
6.1 high voltage cable:≥8m


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1. How long is the warranty?
2 years.

2. Can I choose other language?
It depends. Most machines have multiple language.

3. What certificate do you have?
Generally, most machine have CE, ISO, FSC. Some have FDA.

4. How long is the delivery?
About 4 days

5. How can I pay?
Paypal, Western Union, T/T, L/C, Trade Assurance, Money Gram etc. are accepted.

1. Can the medical incinerator burn dead body?
No, It is a non-hazardous treatment device commonly used in medical waste, such as blood cotton, needles, and disposable syringes

2. Can a medical incinerator use gasoline?
No, only diesel or natural gas liquefied gas.

What type of gas does the body cabinet compressor use?
Secop's compressors use R134a refrigerant. The refrigerant is universal and easy to buy. The refrigerant used in domestic compressors is r12, which is easy to purchase in the domestic market.

4. Does the body cabinet need to be installed before using?
No need to install. Plug it in directly. But if it is shipped by air, the refrigerant needs to be pumped out and refilled before use.

5. Is there an analysis segment for the human body analyzers MSLCA01, MSLCA02, MSLCA03, MSLCA04?
The MSLCA01 Body Analyzer does not have this function, MSLCA02, MSLCA03, MSLCA04 have the function of segmental fat, segmental moisture analysis, edema coefficient analysis, detailed body water analysis, intracellular water, extracellular water, and body water status.

6. Can the body analyzer be OEM?
It is possible when it reaches a certain amount. At present, we are all shipping from neutral machines.

7. What languages ​​does the body analyzer support?
MSLCA01 supports French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. MSLCA02, MSLCA03, MSLCA04 support German, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. Lhe language needs to be confirmed in advance.

8. Can an endoscope camera connect to a monitor?
Yes, you can choose different size: 15 inches, 21 inches, 24 inches and 26 inches.

9. How often does one need to change oil in vacuum pump?

The vacuum pump oil is changed once every six months, and the pump oil is changed for 200 hours according to the frequency of use. If the catch water is overloaded, there will be a small amount of water to the vacuum pump part and then the cold trap, so the pump oil must be changed.

10. How high the degrees can the MSLFV02 refrigerator do?
Cold trap -40 degrees, plate temperature -35 degrees. This model is used for food and vegetables.

11. Can endoscopes add an extra camera?
Yes, we generally do not advise customers to purchase two cameras because the camera is the most important component of the entire device, so the price is relatively high. Of course, if customers want to buy, it is ok.

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