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  • MiNi Urine analysis Analyzer MSLUA02V MiNi Urine analysis Analyzer MSLUA02V

MiNi Urine analysis Analyzer MSLUA02V

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Home-use MiNi Urine Analyzer Ui-MSLUA02V

MSL Urine Analyzer MSLUA02V

1.Smallest Urine Analyzer of the World Weighs only 160g!
2.For Homecare Use,Inpatient Department,and Field Hospital

Home-use MiNi Urine Analyzer Ui-MSLUA02V Application scope

This instrument can be used for individual and hospital to do urine test.It is compatible from 1 to 11 items test.11 items and corresponding abbreviations are as follows:
MiNi Urine AnalyzerItem:Abbr.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid):VC

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MiNi Urine Analyzer Ui MSLUA02V
Home-use MiNi Urine Analyzer Ui-MSLUA02VInstall the printer
Place the printer horizontally and link the adapter,get rid of obstacles between printer and the host to avoid impeding the wireless data transmission.The printer must be linked to the adapter to work.



Home-use MiNi Urine Analyzer Ui-MSLUA02Vwarning
1.This instrument can only be operated by professionals who were trained clinical trials and dangerous waste treating.
2.To avoid infection, you’d better wear protective gloves during all the procedure
3.Be careful while dealing with the wasted urine samples and strips,any incorrect operation may lead infection
4.All the operation must obey the sequence in the manual;any incorrect operation may lead an inaccurate result.
Home-use MiNi Urine Analyzer Ui-MSLUA02VBegin to test
Notice 1:please wearing the protective gloves when doing the test to avoid infection!
Step 1: Ready for strip,and dip it into sample for 2~3s;
Step 2: Put the strip on the absorbent paper horizontally to absorb the extra liquid on the edge; Step 3: Put the strip into the slot of the delivery,align the end of strip to the slot limit.
Notice 2:
1.The back of the strip must fully contact with the surface of the slot;
2.When absorbing the liquid,please only absorb the liquid on the edge,and not to absorb the liquid on the back of the strip.If both of the surface of the slot and the back of the strip are dry,they will get loose and easy to slide,otherwise the result will be inaccurate.

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