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  • Echo mini ultrasound machine MSLMU02 Echo mini ultrasound machine MSLMU02

Echo mini ultrasound machine MSLMU02

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 MSLMU01 MSLMU02  Handheld Ultrasound Scanner
(Linear Transducer/ Convex Transducer)
smartphone ultrasound
It is a handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound tool that provides real-time grayscale anatomic and color Doppler blood flow images with touch screen.
It is the preliminary screening tool for you—from patient to patient—within your primary, critical, or specialty care clinical environment.
smart ultrasound
Clinical Applications:
*Line Placement (CVC, PICC) 
*Pain management             
*Vascular Access
*Primary Care 
*Emergency & ICU          
*General Practitioners 
*Pediatric Scanning        
pocket ultrasound
1. Detect pericardial effusion, chest fluid or internal bleeding at ER or in ambulance, enabling prompt initiation of treatment
2. View fetus as they grow
3. Detect fetal heart beats
4. Monitor the amount of Amniotic fluid during delivery
5. Find plaque in Carotid, avoid stroke before it strikes
6. Place lines in veins with visual confidence
7. Find nodules in thyroids, livers or breasts during screening
8. Monitor stones in kidneys, gall bladders and bladders
9. Verify bone fractures without X-ray
Technical specifications
usg probe
Product Description : Handheld Ultrasound Scanner
Monitor : 6 inch LCD high-resolution (1280*720) full touch screen
Probe Type : 80 elements
Frequency : Convex array 2-5MHZ / Linear array 5-10MHZ
Displaying Mode : B, M,C,B+B,B+M
Cine-loop : 1024 Frames
Frame Rate : Convex:16fps / Linear:24ps
Depth Convex:≤200mm / Linear: ≤70mm
Grayscale : 256 level
Gain : 
Convex: 0~150dB adjustable
Linear: 0~120dB adjustable
Image Processing : Line smoothing, Frame smoothing, Transversal filter, Longitudinal filter, Sharpening, Gamma transformation, etc.
Power : Built-in battery(5400mAh) to support 2h for continuous scanning 
Image Format : JPEG, DICOM
Language : Over 60 different language including English, Spanish, German etc. 
Measurement  : Length, Area, Arrow, Angle, Perimeter, Text.
Camera : 5M auto focus
Memory : 64GB
Connection Interface : Micro USB2.0, HDMI,3.5mm headphone jack,
Operating System : Android 
Printer  : WIFI printer
File Management : Patient file & image file 
Cloud  : Cloud image storage, cloud file management, standard API & SDK interface, Information sharing platform
Technical Training : Online and offline tutorial, self-built online training material 
Remote Software Update : Yes 
Size : 165*85*23mm
Weight : Convex:570g / Linear:550g
Standard Configuration : Main unit (Transducer included): 1pc
USB wire: 1pc
Adapter: 1pc
Carrying bag: 1pc
Bag of gel(20g): 1pc
ultrasound scan machine

Technical Parameter


Wireless         Ultrasound Probe

USB Ultrasound Probe

Stability of APP

Stable:            Integrated intelligent                                system, Android.

External stage: APP is not stable, system is easy to get crashed.

External stage: APP is not stable, system is easy to get crashed.

Delay    time    in Imaging


Yes, because of using WIFI signal to connect the display.


Probe temperature during operation


Probe temperature rises after 8 minutes scanning to reach around

42℃ because of the inside battery.


Weight of Probe


Heavier than MU1/3: Uncomfortable use after long time scanning work.

Heavier than MU1/3

Display cost

Included in MU3 price

Need to buy an extra monitor

Need to buy an extra monitor

Resistance       to

distraction of signal from other machine

Very good,

There’s distraction resistance design on the connecting port of probe

Weak, especially in the ICU where there are a lot of medical machines, the system will get crashed.


Patient achievement

Accessible, it

can combine the image of infection address by camera with the  scanning picture, as well as voice record.




2.5h      for     continuous scanning


Depend on external instrument, the electricity consumption of USB probe requires a lot.


Stay stable performance and optimized the image for different scanning scenario

Depend on the external instrument, the image for different scenario need to be adjusted by customers

Depend on the external instrument, the image for different scenario need to be adjusted by customers


Good, can show some tiny infection

Not sure.

Not sure.


1024 frames


512 frames or shorter


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