Panoramic X-ray Unit For Oral Examination MSLDX04

Panoramic X-ray Unit For Oral Examination MSLDX04

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Panoramic X-ray Unit For Oral Examination MSLDX04

X-ray Unit For Oral Examination MSLDX04


Best Panoramic X-ray Unit For Oral Examination MSLDX04 features

1.It is designed on the principles of X-ray drum curvature tomography.
2.A small focus x-ray tube is adopted only for dental.It makes the picture clearer.                   
3.The unit can radiograph a complete view of curvature of the whole teeth in a picture. The picture includes sinuses ,nasal sinus, maxillary, mandibular structure and the whole 32 teeth, temporal lower jaw joint and its combined relations.
4.It takes the unit only 16s for a rotational radiography to shoot a panoramic view of whole Dental-Maxilla-Facial region.
5.An elevating motor is used in the unit, to raise or lower its gantry for radiography the people of different height.
6.It can also be used for oral surgery and facial orthopedics.     

Cheap Panoramic X-ray Unit For Oral Examination MSLDX04 Main Technical Parameter


X-ray generator Single focus, half-wave rectification, and  oil-immersed self-cooled .
Max rated capacity Current: 10mA
Voltage: 90kVp
Time: 16sec
Power supply Voltage:180~240V
Power:not lower than 1.8kVA
Resistance:not larger than 1Ω
Voltage adjustment range of x-ray tube  55~90kVp,divided into 8 steps
Film size 1500mm*300mm
Specification of X-ray tube  Only for dental X-ray, TOSHIBA Model D-088S,focus 0.8mm
Distance between the chin bracket to the floor 800mm(min); 1120mm(max)
Transport dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 1505*1040*1750
Weight(kg) Net: 228/Gross: 373


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1. How long is the warranty?
2 years.

2. Can I choose other language?
It depends. Most machines have multiple language.

3. What certificate do you have?
Generally, most machine have CE, ISO, FSC. Some have FDA.

4. How long is the delivery?
About 4 days

5. How can I pay?
Paypal, Western Union, T/T, L/C, Trade Assurance, Money Gram etc. are accepted.

1. Can the medical incinerator burn dead body?
No, It is a non-hazardous treatment device commonly used in medical waste, such as blood cotton, needles, and disposable syringes

2. Can a medical incinerator use gasoline?
No, only diesel or natural gas liquefied gas.

What type of gas does the body cabinet compressor use?
Secop's compressors use R134a refrigerant. The refrigerant is universal and easy to buy. The refrigerant used in domestic compressors is r12, which is easy to purchase in the domestic market.

4. Does the body cabinet need to be installed before using?
No need to install. Plug it in directly. But if it is shipped by air, the refrigerant needs to be pumped out and refilled before use.

5. Is there an analysis segment for the human body analyzers MSLCA01, MSLCA02, MSLCA03, MSLCA04?
The MSLCA01 Body Analyzer does not have this function, MSLCA02, MSLCA03, MSLCA04 have the function of segmental fat, segmental moisture analysis, edema coefficient analysis, detailed body water analysis, intracellular water, extracellular water, and body water status.

6. Can the body analyzer be OEM?
It is possible when it reaches a certain amount. At present, we are all shipping from neutral machines.

7. What languages ​​does the body analyzer support?
MSLCA01 supports French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. MSLCA02, MSLCA03, MSLCA04 support German, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. Lhe language needs to be confirmed in advance.

8. Can an endoscope camera connect to a monitor?
Yes, you can choose different size: 15 inches, 21 inches, 24 inches and 26 inches.

9. How often does one need to change oil in vacuum pump?

The vacuum pump oil is changed once every six months, and the pump oil is changed for 200 hours according to the frequency of use. If the catch water is overloaded, there will be a small amount of water to the vacuum pump part and then the cold trap, so the pump oil must be changed.

10. How high the degrees can the MSLFV02 refrigerator do?
Cold trap -40 degrees, plate temperature -35 degrees. This model is used for food and vegetables.

11. Can endoscopes add an extra camera?
Yes, we generally do not advise customers to purchase two cameras because the camera is the most important component of the entire device, so the price is relatively high. Of course, if customers want to buy, it is ok.

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