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  • Popular high resolution dlp 3d printer MSL3D01 Popular high resolution dlp 3d printer MSL3D01

Popular high resolution dlp 3d printer MSL3D01

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3D printer with DLP surface forming digital light molding technology, a single projection molding for a face, forming speed; industrial grade quality, high print accuracy, can print out the subtleties of the model, the whole version of the same model print accuracy as high, Smooth and delicate surface, with a high degree of quality assurance; simple operation, for precision, small model printing has a greater advantage.
3d printer dlp
Molding Technology: Digital Light Processing
light source:Industrial projector
Build Size:80mm×60mm×160mm
Product Size:360mm×270mm×610mm
Speed:2~5 seconds/Layer
Wave length:405nm
Z-axis Jacking System:imported guide rail High precision Screw Rod
Layer Thickness:0.01-0.1mm(The Max. Accuracy is 0.005MM)
XY Accuracy:0.078MM(It changed by the build size)
Data input Format:STL
Printing Materials:Photosensitive Resin & Casting Resin
Colors of the Resin materials:Green /Red /Yellow
Printing Method: contact to the PC
Operating System: Windows
Working Temperature:10-38℃
Voltage:can be adjusted from 100 to 240V,50-60HZ,10A
Machine Weight:Less than 15kgs
dlp 3d printer
2.Advantages & Characteristics
1, super software system with high-precision mechanical transmission components, the achievements of high-precision printing, print accuracy in plus or minus 20-50 microns;
2, equipment integration 3D printing and post-curing process, after cleaning quickly secondary curing, simple and practical;
3, the unique light intensity calibration compensation technology, effectively avoid light uneven and light failure caused by printing failure, greatly improving the success rate of printing;
4, aluminum alloy molding trough, multiple protection separation technology, greatly improving the service life of the trough, is the ordinary trough life of 3 to 5 times;
5, user-friendly software interface, print only a simple three steps, easy to learn.
high resolution 3d printer
stereolithography 3d printer
4.Application Areas
1.Dental denture Field
2、Jewelry Field
3.Toy animation, electronic gadget model print
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