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  • High quality Colposcope video machine MSLCE09 High quality Colposcope video machine MSLCE09

High quality Colposcope video machine MSLCE09

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High quality Digital Colposcope video machine MSLCE09

Colposcope video machine MSLCE09

Colposcope video machine MSLCE09 Product Configuration

? Optical and Image System
? Swing Arm 
? Cold Halogen Light Source
? Software(With foot-switch and Built-in Capturing Card)
? Computer and LCD Screen
? Printer
? Trolley

Digital Colposcope video machine MSLCE09 Features

? High Resolution and Definition Camera System
? Perfect combination of optical and digital system, clearer view;
? Synchronous observation through the optical scope and the computer;
? 1/3”high resolution, color CCD  
? 5 speed Optical Amplification;
? Video output;
? Built-in scale in the observation system to measure the lesion size;
? White balance auto-adjusted;
? Unique spectral grating and fine-tuning
? With a green filter, to facilitate observation of capillary lesions.
? Unique Light Source Design
? With integrative halogen light source and ring fiber, more brighter, and brightness can be adjusted;
? Special Swing Arm
? Stand with damping resistance design, easy adjustment at any angle (Very flexible and convenient);
? Unique Foot Switch
? With unique-designed foot switch , more convenient to take pictures.
? Integrated Computer Imaging, Data Management and Analysis Function
? The true color image output function;
? With Chinese, English , Spanish and Russian language;
? Timing of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests;
? With 175 pictures for diagnosis; Abundant images data can be stored ;
? Contains standard case report template, convenient for edit and print the report with real color pictures.Case report can be return-visited ,searched and back-up copied.
? Multi-functional specialized software of image processing and management, 
which can tab, add annotations, zoom in/out and partially magnification etc
? With automatic evaluation and RCI biopsy indicate function;
? Brand new data storage algorithm, which can improve the user's browsing and searching speed
? The data backup function, can not only improve the security of the medical record data, but also improve the storage capacity;

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