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Clinical ultrasound machine Mindray M7

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Handheld ultrasound machine Mindray M7


mindray M7




MSL Handheld ultrasound machine Mindray M7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Confidence for Diagnose
Raising the level on image quality
Bring Your Crystal Ball to Point-of-Care
iTOUCH with parasternal long axis and display cardiac structures
Anatomical M mode with three sample lines shows motions of three Cardiac regions
Transvaginal transducer with high definition displays minute fetus clearly
Distinct fetal aortic arch with C5-2s convex transducer
Quality volume transducer shows vivid fetal facial organs
Sensitive Color Doppler displays plentiful renal blood flow
Dedicated software measures carotid IMT automatically and accurately
Vertebral artery and vein blood flow reflects enough penetration and good spatial resolution
Definite median nerve using L14-6s high frequency linear transducer
M7 Hand-Carried Color Doppler
Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Clarity. Accuracy. Performance
Bring Your Crystal Ball to Point-of-Care
Use Handheld ultrasound machine Mindray M7
High Performance Ultrasound can let you scan more.
The M7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System is designed to fulfill clinicians' busy, challenging
point of care environments. With M7's crystal clarity, crisp, clear image quality, it can perform
any exam, from abdominal to vascular to cardiac, with efficiency and accuracy. Just choosing a
transducer, the M7 brings you more benefits in more way than ever
with wellness within reach.
Best Handheld ultrasound machine Mindray M7
.Free XrosTM  Imaging (Anatomic M mode)
.Tissue Doppler Imaging
.Embedded IMT (Intima Media Thickness) software detects edge with mean and
maximum thickness value.
. Obstetrics/Gynecology
4D Imaging on top of Portability
.New transducer design: the ergonomic design and the light weight allow the users to scan
in 2D as with a standard convex probe.
.New 4D transducer: With its ergonomic design and the light weight allow clinicians elevate
speed of scanning and provide ease of 3D/4D acquisitions.
.Abundant clinical measurement and analysis packages
Advanced Handheld ultrasound machine Mindray M7
Anesthesiology/ Emergency Medicine/ Musculosketal
.Abundant and dedicated clinical measurement and analysis packages
.Wide range of broadband transducers including convex, linear, transvaginal, phased array and 4D transducer
Anywhere, Anytime
M7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System is a powerful imaging tool with superior image quality to
assist you in meeting your clinical challenges today and tomorrow. The M7 is designed for
use in all point of care environments. It delivers premium imaging performance across a broad
range of specialties. Providing accurate data with speed, the M7 enables clinicians to achieve
enhanced level of diagnostic confidence and efficiency.
.High capacity Li-ion batteries support continuous scanning more than 1.5 hours.
.Robust magnesium with anti shock and anti splash ability can perform diagnostic exams
whatever inside hospital or outdoor harsh environment.
.Comfortable grab and go backpack and artistic traveling case for easy transportation
.iRoamTM, 802.11b/g wireless data transfer solution
.DICOM 3.0 and M-Scan Pack providing Point-of-Care and field scan support
From Cart-Based Configuration  to the Point-Of-Care Environment 
Gorgeous design with Innovative technology
It's obviously designed with the power of leadership MINDRAY technology available to all clinicians.
As a world-class medical equipment solution provider, M7 is a multiplying power station
with innovation for the future. With its ergonomic mobile trolley same with performance and
features comparable to that of conventional cart-based systems, provide you mobility with
power and improve your productivity. To sum it up, the M7 delivers you the power and
productivity of a full-sized system in a hand- carried size.
iRoamTM, 802.11b/g wireless data transfer solution
15-inch medical grade LCD monitor with integrated stereo speakers
Intel * Processor with Microsoft* brings the stability, security and connectivity of the system
iClearTM: Adaptive Speckle Suppression
iBeamTM: Spatial Compounding Imaging
Phase Inversion THI for all probes
Capture high quality cine up to 480 seconds long
Increased flexibility with the optional Transducer Extended Connector
Fast Power Up for quickly field scanning
ITouchTM  Intelligent Image Optimization
iRoamTM, 802.11b/g wireless data transfer solution
iZoomTM Automatically expand the image to full screen
Make your M7 uniquely yours with one of six colorful trackball

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