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In September 2002, shandong xinhua medical equipment co., ltd. was listed on the Shanghai stock exchange and is now the President unit of China medical equipment industry association. Shandong xinhua medical instrument co., LTD., every year there are dozens of new products to market, through the national identification of new products has reached 14, won the domestic medical equipment industry in the title of "state-level enterprise technology center". Shandong xinhua medical instrument co., LTD always adhere to the struggle of integrity of qilu culture, to the user as the center of the modern enterprise culture core values, for the enterprise in the target morale, with the development of cohesion among the people, and improve quality with innovation, build strength by culture, resolutely go the way of health industry, unswervingly take the path of technological innovation and resolutely go the way of capital operation, medical apparatus and instruments and equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, medical services three business sectors.

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