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OPER-0.4 Open Permanent Magnet MRI system MSLMRI08-MRI System Medical Equipment Machine

Quick Overview

OPER-0.4 Open Permanent Magnet MRI system MSLMRI08 is a new generation superconducting MRI system based on years od experience in production and research. It’s applicable to whole body scan. Such as nervous system, spine, joint soft tissue, pelvic and abdominal cavity, etc.

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Features of OPER-0.4 Open Permanent Magnet MRI system MSLMRI08

  1. New generation fully digitalized and extensible multi-channel spectrometer;
  2. Powerful high efficiency and high-fidelity gradient system;
  3. Multichannel PA RF receiving coil with intelligent identifications;
  4. English operating system and high extensible computer system;
  5. High resolution conventional clinical images;
  6. Practical advanced functional imaging.

Specification of OPER-0.4 Open Permanent Magnet MRI system MSLMRI08


  • Type: Permanent magnet (NdFeB – Neodymium, Iron & Boron), eddy current free, open C type or 4-column type with self-temperature control
  • Field strength: 0.4T±3% Passive shimming
  • Field homogeneity: 40×40×38cm sphere ≤40ppm(Vpp 40×40×38cmsphere≤5ppm(Vrms) 
  • Vertical gap distance: 400mm±20mm

Gradient system

  • Gradient amplifier: US imported product  Field strength: 24mT/m    effective 40.8mT/m Slew rate: single axis ≤80mT/m/ms
  • effective ≤136mT/m/ms Linearity: 40cm*40cm*38cm ellipsoid<5%
  • Cooling system: gradient power – wind cooling
  • Gradient coil – no cooling system required

RF transmitting & receiving system

  • Type of transmitter & receiver: Digital (US imported product) Receiving channels: multiple channels
  • Frequency range: DC-22MHZ
  • Maximum receiver bandwidth: 1.25MHZ Pre-amplifier gain max: 30dB
  • Noise figure: 0.3dB
  • RF amplifier: ≥6kw (17.00MHz) (US imported product) RF transmitting coil: panel transmitting coil
  • RF receiving coil: multiple channel coil

Auto pre-scan function

  • Auto RF correction
  •  Auto frequency lock 
  • Auto gain adjusting 
  • Auto coil identification 
  • Auto coil tuning
  • Automatic shimming linear compensation

Standard Configuration of OPER-0.4 Open Permanent Magnet MRI system MSLMRI08


  • Permanent magnet (0.4T) (NdFeB)
  • Self-temperature control system
  • Self-temperature control system power and control unit

RF transmitting & receiving system

  • Digital transmitting and receiving system (USA and UK imported products) RF amplifier (USA imported)
  • panel transmitting coil Pre-position amplifier
  • Phase Array RF Receiving coils: Head, Body (big), Body (small), Neck, Knee, Breast and Wrist coil each

Gradient System

  • Gradient amplifier and power supply (USA imported)
  • X Y Z gradient coil


  • Multi-channel digital spectrometer (UK imported)

Computer System

  • Imaging workstation
  • 2nd generation Intel Core ™ (≥3.3GHz) Graphics memory: 1GB
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard driver: 500GB
  • Removable storage: DVD+RW double burn
  • 21” TFT monitor with at least 1280x1024 resolution Post processing image software

Patient System

  • Table
  • Intercom system
  • Background music system

Client Usage Photos of OPER-0.4 Open Permanent Magnet MRI system MSLMRI08

  • Please contact us for more details.

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