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Neonatal Phototherapy Eye Mask MSLM003- Infant Eyes Protective Mask

Quick Overview

Neonatal Phototherapy Eye Mask MSLM003 is suitable for a baby needing phototherapy. it can protects baby's eyes from blue light. Pure cotton reduce friction and makes baby feel comfortable.

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Features of Neonatal Phototherapy Eye Mask MSLM003

  • Pure cotton non-woven fabric, absorbent and breathable, reducing friction
  • Fitting the face, blocking the light
  • Medical pressure sensitive adhesive, sticky design, easy to use, without skin irritation
  • Black shading material, effectively absorbing blue light

Speification of Neonatal Phototherapy Eye Mask MSLM003

  • *M type uses a newborn with a head circumference of 21-26CM
  • *L type is suitable for newborns with a head circumference of 26-31CM
  • Scope of application: pathological jaundice, premature infants, children with hemolysis, newborn babies requiring blue light therapy
  • Intended use: Provide general protection to patients from external damage from other devices
  • Contraindications: Children with infected or untreated eyes, as well as those with skin damage should be used with caution or consult a doctor.
  • Adverse reactions: Occasionally, the skin epidermis is red, and disappears after being stopped.

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