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Buy CO2 Insufflator from Medical Supplier

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MSLCI02 CO2 Insufflator - Medical Equipment Supplier Introduction and Description

  • Gas Insufflator is the primary instrument of artificial pneumoperitoneum.
  • Using Gas Insufflator, you can affuse high purity CO2 into abdominal cavity, block off abdominal wall and abdominal entrails by the gas to make a operation manipulate space. It can stop admission when reach the expected air pressure, maintain a certain amount gas so that the abdominal cavity is always in expected air pressure. Gas Insufflator can automatic aerate in to maintain the necessary space of operation manipulate when air pressure of abdominal cavity descend in operation manipulate ( such as CO2 of abdominal cavity suck out or seep so that the pressure of abdominal cavity descend when air leak or operation that needs sunction or exosomatic oversew ).
  • Compare endoscopic diagnosis and remedial method with traditional method, the former can alleviate affliction of patient immensely.
  • Use CO2 to expand abdominal cavity of patient to gain suitable observational condition and sufficient operation space.
  • Gas Insufflator amalgamates the latest technical safety standard, can afford different forms of admission pattern.
  • LPS low pressure admission system

Display and manifestation Preinstall pressure

  • According to actual needs, press pressure preinstall descending and ascending key, adjust preinstall pressure.

Actual abdominal pressure

  • When Gas Insufflator under opening circumstance, Gas Insufflator can show Actual intracavity pressure
  • When reduce pressure to less than actual intracavity pressure
  • Under the circumstance that reflux of gas get into Gas Insufflator ( the danger of being polluted )
  • In order to reduce pressure rapidly, should make use of any exit of body to exhaust air ( For example :open a piston )

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Buy CO2 Insufflator from Medical Supplier

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Model MSLCI02
Name CO2 Insufflator
Supply voltage  ~220V 50HZ or ~110V
Rated power  40VA
Set pressure range  5mmHg~25mmHg
Set flow range  2L/min--40L/min
Function LCD display,Waming
Safety classification Type I Model BF
Run mode Continuous load/intermittent operation
Noise ≤50dB
Temperature +10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity 30%~75%
Atmospheric pressure 70KPA~106KPA
Host size 400*360*130mm
Weight 10kg

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