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Magnetic Resonance Imaging System MSLMRI11-MRI System Medical Equipment Machine

Quick Overview

Magnetic Resonance Imaging System MSLMRI11 provides not only conventional pulse sequences and clinical diagnosis functions, but also provides advanced functional applications, for instance, 3d angiography and water imaging. It applies brand new annex apex operating system which ensures easy operation and fast diagnosis.

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Features of Magnetic Resonance Imaging System MSLMRI11

  1. Rich sequences and technology meet clinical needs 
  2. Efficient service
  3. Highly open and humanization design 
  4. Streamlined design

Specification of Magnetic Resonance Imaging System MSLMRI11

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Client Usage Photos of Magnetic Resonance Imaging System MSLMRI11

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1 Magnet System
1.1 Magnet Type Permanent Magnet Automatic constant temperature system
1.2 Field Strength 0.51T
1.3 Magnet Shape Dual-pillar shape
1.4 Homogeneity(40cm, DSV, VRMS) ≤1.6ppm
1.5 Shim Method Active/Passive
1.6 Magnet Vertical Gap (Cover) 40cm
1.7 Magnetic Pole Dia. (Exclude Cover) 145cm
1.8 Accessibility(Horizontal Opening Angle,Front) 280°
1.9 5 Gauss fringe field X-axis: horizontal ≤2.5m ;Y-axis: Vertical ≤2.5m ;Z-axis: horizontal ≤2.5m
2 Patient Couch and Communication
2.1 Patient Couch Driven mode Motor-driven
2.2 Max. Patient Weight ≥200kg(440lbs)
2.3 Patient Positioning Tools Laser Light Localizer for positioning of center slice Motor-driven transfer to center of imaging volume
2.4 Position accuracy ±1mm
2.5 Emergency Call Key Yes
2.6 Intercom System Yes
3 Gradient System
3.1 Gradient Field Strength(Single Axis) ≥30mT/m
3.2 Gradient Slew Rate (Single Axis)
3.3 Rise Time ≤0.3ms
3.4 Gradient Cooling System(Gradient coils and Power electronics) Air Cooling
4 RF System
4.1 RF System Type Digital Transmit and Receive signal processing
4.2 Number of RF Channels 4
4.3 Transmitter Amplifier Peak Power 6kW
4.4 RF Bandwidth of Receiver ≥1.25MHz
4.5 Head Coil Yes
4.6 Neck Coil Yes
4.7 Body/Spine Coil (17 inch) Yes
4.8 Body/Spine Coil (20 inch) Yes
4.9 Knee Coil Yes
4.1 Shoulder Coil Yes
5 Computer System
5.1 Host Computer DELL Computer (for MR)
5.2 System Software Windows 7
5.3 Operation Software APEX
5.4 CPU Clock rate 3.6GHz
5.5 Main Memory 2GB
5.6 Color LCD Monitor 19"
5.7 Keyboard and Mouse Standard
5.8 Image Reconstruction Speed(256 x 256 Matrix) 1500 FPS
5.9 Hard Disk 500GB
5.1 Image Storage Capacity(256 x 256 Matrix) 2,650,000 images
5.11 Media Driver DVD RW
5.12 DICOM 3.0 Yes
5.13 Ethernet Yes
5.14 Operation Console Yes
5.15 Operator's Chair Yes
6 Scanning Parameter
6.1 Max. FOV 500mm
6.2 Min. FOV 5mm
6.3 Min. TE(SE) 5ms
6.4 Min. TR(SE) 11ms
6.5 Min. TE(GR) 1ms
6.6 Min. TR(GR) 3ms
6.7 Min. 2D Thickness 1.0mm
6.8 Min. 3D Thickness 0.1mm
6.9 Max. Image Matrix 1024x1024
7 Scanning Sequence & Imaging Technique
7.1 Spin Echo 2D/3D (SE 2D/3D) Yes
7.2 Fast Spin Echo Yes
7.3 2D/3D Single Shot FSE Yes
7.4 Inversion Recovery(IR) Yes
7.5 Fast Inversion Recovery(FIR) Yes
7.6 FLAIR Yes
7.7 T1-FLAIR Yes
7.8 2D/3D GR Yes
7.9 2D/3D Fast GR Yes
7.1 Variable Angle fast GR Yes
7.11 Fat Imaging Yes
7.12 STIR Yes
7.13 SEDIXON Water-Fat imaging Yes
7.14 MRA(2D/3D TOF) Yes
7.15 MRCP(2D/3D) Yes
7.16 MRUR(2D/3D) Yes
7.17 MRM Yes
7.18 Fast Hydrograph Imaging Yes
7.19 Diffusion Weighted Imaging(DWI) Yes
7.2 Max. b Value 1000s/mm2
7.21 Breath Holding Technology Yes
7.22 Magnetization Transfer Contrast(MTC) Yes
7.23 Multi-slice and Angle-free Pre-saturation technology Yes
7.24 Saturation Tracking technology Yes
7.25 Maximum Intensity Projection(MIP) Yes
7.26 Minimum Intensity Projection Yes
7.27 3D Reconstruction Yes
7.28 Multi-planar Reconstruction(MPR) Yes
7.29 Multi-Artifacts Eliminating technology Yes
7.3 Partly Metal Implant Scanning technology Yes
7.31 Online Image Filtration Yes
7.32 Online Post Procession Yes
7.33 3D Scout Yes
7.34 Scanning Protocol Preset Yes
7.35 Scanning Protocol Queue Yes
7.36 Advanced Image Post Processing Yes
7.37 Vascular Image Fusion Technology Yes
7.38 Spine Image Fusion Technology Yes
7.39 Propeller artifact suppression technology (For both head and abdomen) Yes

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