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Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy Machine MSLHL01

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Laser Treatment| Laser Hair Regrowth Machine MSLHL01 Description 

This instrument uses a bio-energy and ultra-pulse laser irradiation of light directly on the affected area of hair loss. Laser light launched into the roots of the hair follicle, through the laser wavelength 650nm light and the role of multiple energy to activate shrinking hair follicle cells, improve the blood supply around the capillaries, the blood circulation around hair follicle accelerated to more oxygen , as watering to a small tree to make it grow fast . As the laser light can be into the subcutaneous skin30MM deep, so that the blood circulation of oxygen throughout the brain increased, the supply of blood circulation in hair growth also increased melanin, the natural hair back to black the original character, to turn white hair black hair, hair loss fundamental change in hair growth.

Laser Treatment| Laser Hair Regrowth Machine MSLHL01 Feature

1, the treatment effect is good, short course.

2, comfortable and no pain germinal effect.

3, safe and reliable, no cross infection.

4, the operation is simple, without any side effects, etc


1.Promote absorption of nutrients

Laser is a patent cold laser, won't hurt and hair, it is neither chemicals, also not drugs, but the penetrating any chemical liquid and drugs is unmatched, overcome the previous all kinds of chemical education liquid can't fully permeate hair root weakness.

2.Acceleration blood circulation of hair, improve collagen fiber regeneration, promote metabolism ,Laser can increase of subcutaneous tissue adenosine triphosphate (ATP) activities, adenosine triphosphate is between the cell transmission ability of transmission ability mainly medium, promote the metabolism of the organization. So the laser can help improve blood circulation, make oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle, achieve the effect of the hair loss.

3.Effectively kill hair pathogenic bacteria, on the drug's assistant can exterminate hidden deep in the hair follicles of fungi and mite.

4, Regulates oil secretion

Too much oil cause hair loss, the reasons of the excess oil secretion is the main reason of the sebaceous glands, and oil contains two hydrogen testosterone (DHT) will make hair follicle small, even atrophy, cause hair loss. Laser can dredge the sebaceous glands catheter, reduce and control oil secretion, improve hair loss

Product Description Of Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy Machine MSLHL01

Product Detail and Usage Pictures - Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy Machine MSLHL01

Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy Machine MSLHL01

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Voltage 220-240V
Power 180w
Frequency 60HZ
Packing size 114*59*59CM
Weight 28KG
Wavelength 650nm
Laser lamp 120pcs
Display Touch screen
Screen 8 inch
Lens x200
Warranty 1 year

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