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High speed automatic biochemistry analyzer MSLBA23

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High speed fully automatic biochemistry analyzer - MSLBA23

  • The instrument type:Discrete automatic biochemical analyzer
  • Testing speed:Maximum 300 t/h
  • Measurgin method:endpoint method,Fixed time method (two points), dynamic research method (rate), support for single/double wavelength, single/double reagent testing, single point, two points, multipoint linear and nonlinear calibration.
  • Test principle: colorimetric method, turbidimetric method (homogeneous immune method).
    Project setting: the support of domestic and imported reagent, reagent completely open.
    Optical plastic MSLBA23 can load 135 semipermanent colorimetric cup or permanent quartz glass reaction colorimetric cup, colorimetric cup circulation use.

The Optical System of Biochemistry Analyzer-MSLBA23

  • After fiber spectroscopic, no mechanical part, not moldy, do not wear, free maintenance, stable and reliable light path, filter, after points, eight wavelength wavelength (optional), can be single and dual wavelength detection.
  • Absorbance linear range: 0 ~ 4.1 Abs
  • Long life halogen tungsten lamp.
  • Center wavelength error is - 2 nm, half wave width is not more than 12 nm.
  • Stray light is not greater than 0.3%
  • Points do rate: 0.0001 Abs
  • The system for With functions of intelligent liquid level detection, margin detection function, along with the amount of tracing and vertical obstacle detection function.
  • Before and after the sample with high pressure water to add pin inside and outside wall to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, clean and no residue, carry pollution rate is low.
  • The high concentration sample automatically dilute heavy function measurement.
  • Try dose: 30 ~ 300 ul, 1 ul increases.
  • Sample size;2 ~ 30 ul, increasing 0.1 ul.

The Blending System of Biochemistry Analyzer-MSLBA23

  • Independent stir bar;Special stainless steel, the surface is smooth,less liquid adhesive, a thorough cleaning before and after mixing, carry pollution rate is low.

Reagent Sample Plates of Biochemistry Analyzer - MSLBA23

  • Reagent tray (inner ring) in 46 online reagent.
  • Advanced reagent plate of refrigeration system, reagent 4 ~ 12 Degree Celsius temperature
  • Real-time detection reagent allowance and real-time display number of measurable, reagent can place a variety of specifications reagent bottles, dead volume less than 1.
  • Support single and double reagent, reagent completely open.
  • Real-time display reagent disk.
  • Sample plate (outer ring) : 46 samples.
  • Compatible with a one-time blood vessels, trace cups, plastic tubes, etc.
  • Randomly choose any type, according to the sample order determination, emergency any insert.
  • Reaction colorimetric cup cleaning system
  • 8 groups of clean needles.
  • Step 12 cleaning, low cross contamination force.
  • Acid and alkali cleaning fluid can be used.

Analysis System of Biochemistry Analyzer - MSLBA23

  • Test order: according to the sample order determination, emergency inserted at any time.
  • Simultaneous determination of multi-channel colorimetric cup can load 135 responses.
  • Minimum volume 149 edged up reaction, greatly saving the cost of reagent for detection.
  • Real-time measurement of water gap.
  • Online program (reagent number) : 46.
  • Online sample (sample number) for each batch of 46.
  • Support the linear and nonlinear scaling a variety of ways.
  • Heating method: fixed direct heat.
  • Temperature balance time is less than 3 minutes, reaction temperature, 37 0.1 Degree Celsius, the temperature fluctuation: 0.1 Degree Celsius
  • With functions of automatic deduction of reagent blank and sample blank.

The operating system of Biochemistry Analyzer-MSLBA23

  • The operation simple and convenient, set arbitrary authority operation, without the limitation of time and storage capacity, forever all kinds of data, automatic storage, automatic backup, any print format and content, provides several common format.
  • Completely open test parameters setting, real-time display sample test status, the allowance of reagent, reaction plate using a state, the entire record real-time response curve, real-time understand the testing progress.
  • Automatic verification calibration curve, the best calibration curve fitting, scaling types include: single point linear, two linear, multipoint linear and Logit - 4 p. Logit - 5 p. Spline. The index, and so on the many kinds of nonlinear polynomial scaling type.
  • Computing project set arbitrary, bottom material consumptions automatic judgment, automatic weighing measurement.Automatically deduct sample and reagent blank, can be carried out before testing.
  • Supports external results directly input function, easy to print the patient comprehensive report.
  • RS - 232 standard interface, support in the networking, remote print reports, remote maintenance can provide other languages such as English operating system (only for foreign users).

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High speed automatic biochemistry analyzer MSLBA23High speed automatic biochemistry analyzer MSLBA23High speed automatic biochemistry analyzer MSLBA23High speed automatic biochemistry analyzer MSLBA23

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