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Laptop Colposcope Work Station MSLCE01

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New arrival High Intensity Focused Ultrasound MSLHF02

  • Type HIFU
  • Frequency 7MHz 4MHz
  • Mode Pulsed Digital Output Mode
  • Tips DS7-1.5 DS7-3.0 DS4-4.5
  • Interval 0.5-5.0mm
  • Length 5.0~30mm 5.0/Stepping
  • Input Power AC 110V~220V~50Hz/60Hz
  • Weight Cart:20kg Host Machine:10kg
  • Description of Control Units
  • Project Description
  • Handle Connection Socket Be used to insert handld head.
  • USB Port(2) Optional USB(No)
  • Error Indicator Light Warning with wrong operation
  • On\Off Button Light on in power-on state.
  • Light off in power-off state.
  • USB Port of Rear Panel Acce Key of Ulthera System User(No)
  • Main Power Switch Power Supply
  • System(AC220V/50Hz)
  • Power Socket Be used to insert power cord.
  • Description of Treatment Handle Events
  • Events Description
  • On Button Imaging Start\Stop Treatment\Start Treatment
  • Play Buttion Indicator on when it works.
  • Treatment Probe Different treatment probe used in different target parts of patient.
  • Soft Glue Sheath of Cable Connect handles with control parts.
  • Description of Treatment Probe
  • Events Description
  • Top Mark Probe transducer and other information
  • Treatment instructions Length and center mark(center treatment transducer) of the longest process lines
  • Sensor Types of Treatment Probe
  • Types Frequency Treatment Depth Image Depth Scan Length
    • DS 7-1.5 7MHz 1.5mnm 0-8mm 25mm
    • DS 7-3.0 7MHz 3.0mm 0-8mm 25mm
    • DS 4-4.5 4MHz 4.5mm 0-8mm 25mm

MSL New arrival High Intensity Focused Ultrasound MSLHF02 Packing:

  • 1. Ship the control unit and handle in a container. Ship alone the encapsulation of treatment probe from the control unit and hand les, and transport it in the aseptic bags. Ship the treatment probe and gel packed separately.
  • 2. The system device could be placed in carts or other workbench with the host and the power cord offered. Carts recommended to provide users with a more flexibility and secure treatment. The weight and size of treatment are included in technical data manual.
  • 3.The internal space of host at the back, sides, bottom and top of the cooling system. The system equipment runs normally with c ontinuous use for long time.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound MSLHF02 therapeutic range

  • 1 Lift and tighten buccal skin.
  • 2 Improve chin lines and marionette lines.
  • 3 Improve skin and make it lustrous.
  • 4 Remove cervical stripe to protect neck form aging.
  • 5 Improve skin elasticity and the contour.
  • 6 Tighten forehead skin tissue and improve eyebrows lines
  • 7 Eliminate the wrinkles around the brow, eyes and lips.

Use New arrival High Intensity Focused Ultrasound MSLHF02 System Maintenance

Follow principles for better working performance.
  • (1) Check whether probe and connection are in good condition.
  • (2) Ensure right identity of probe and expand working life of system.
  • (3) No to put the handle and probe on the floor and other hard panel, if not, it could cause damages.
  • (4) No to pull handle cable that could lead to fault of internal wire and connection.
  • (5) Use ultrasound gel only and no to use other lubrication and lotion especially mina oil. If not, it could cause fault of tips and circuit.
  • (6) Keep a distance between working tips and patients. Strictly operate as-per the principle.
  • (7) Clean tips without ultrasound gel after treatment to avoid it covered on tips and other control parts.
  • (8) Check whether the packing of new tip is in good condition when using it.
  • (9)Probe has a function of memory and keep it away from things with magcard and static when finishing the treatment.
  • (10)No to pull others except probe into handles, otherwise it will damage safety system.
Target user
  • 1. People with wrinkle ,Crow's feet, forehead lines and nasolabial sulcus on face, cervical stripe, striae gravid arum stretch marks on abdomen and fat grain on thigh and other wrinkles crowd;
  • 2. Skin aging, skin relaxation, skin prolapse, Jaw loose, do uble chin, canthus prolapse, eyebrow drooping;
  • 3. Skin loosing, skin bloating, proud flesh on abdomen and arms, hip Dysplasia, abdominal relaxation after postpartum flabby and weight loss, lose shape.
Taboo crowd
  • 1 Pregnant women
  • 2 Patients with severe heart disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism
  • 3 Cancer patients in advanced stage
  • 4 Patients with unhealed wounds
  • 5 Patients injected Botox in one year
  • 6 Patients with ideal effect of treatment
  • 1. Carrying Safety : For there are precision instruments in operating system, please user try not to move the machine over a long distance. In the transport process, use the cushioning packaging provided by factory , otherwise it may lead to system disorder and impact energy output.
  • 2. Electric Safety : This operating system should be used single-phase 220V for power supply and the maximum output current is not more than 10A. In order to expand the machine service and reduce the influence of power fluctuations to machine, user need to use 1000W of voltage regulator.
  • 3 Operation Safety : Keep your system clean and ensure the condensing agent with no pollution to system.
  • 4 Safety Device of System In order to ensure the safety in use, this product is strictly enforced (electricity) light enterprise standard Immediately check whether the circuit is safe and check constantly circuit in operating process.

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Laptop Colposcope Work Station MSLCE01Laptop Colposcope Work Station MSLCE01Laptop Colposcope Work Station MSLCE01Laptop Colposcope Work Station MSLCE01Laptop Colposcope Work Station MSLCE01Laptop Colposcope Work Station MSLCE01Laptop Colposcope Work Station MSLCE01

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