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Color Ultrasound Diagnostic System MSLCU61

Quick Overview

Color Ultrasound Diagnostic System MSLCU61 was designed with optional workflow to help you focus on your patients, with our intelligent and easy learning user interface you could learn all the advanced imaging and measurement technologies in a fast way. The automatic image optimization can help you reduce exam time and minimize keystrokes, freeing you from repetitive tasks.

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Features of Color Ultrasound Diagnostic System MSLCU61

  • Full digital beam former, digital dynamic focusing, digital variable aperture and dynamic apodizer, 64 A/D sampling channels are included for receiving and launching channels. 
  • High-density probe and wider frequency band optimize image quality of far and near field. 
  • High resolution LCD monitor, flicker-free, which can reduce the visual fatigue of the operator. 
  • The silicon keyboard design follows ergonomic principles, which is more suitable for the user. 
  • Adjustable angle and height of the monitor and control panel to facilitate operation
  • Regulated voltage power is adopted, strong adaptability. 
  • Technology of multi-beam enhances the quality of dynamic images.

Specification of Color Ultrasound Diagnostic System MSLCU61

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Client Usage Photos of Color Ultrasound Diagnostic System MSLCU61

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Medial & Video of Color Ultrasound Diagnostic System MSLCU61

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Technical Specification Description Remark
Clinic application abdomen,gynecology,obstetrics,cardiac,vessel,urology,small organs,Muscle skeletal  
Basic Image Model B、2B、4B、B/M、B/Color、B/Power Doppler、B/PW Doppler、B/CW Doppler、B/Color/PW、3D  
Advanced Imaging Model Trapezoidal imaging,Panoramic imaging,Elastosonography,Spatial compound imaging(SCI),Anatomic M-mode(AM),Color M mode(CM),Tissue Doppler Image(TDI),Real-time 2D and Color Image display,Standard 4D and Advanced 4D(including multislice display)  
Digital processing channel 8092  
Power supply 100~120VAC,Power:840VA;200~240VAC,Power:960VA  
Time of Power on 100~120s  
Time of power off arroud 30s  
Probe switch 3~5s  
Body position image with probe direction >60 type
Display model adjustable up and down 1:1,up and down 1:2,up and down 2:1,Right and Left 1:1  
Image amplification times 0.8-5(0.1 per step)  
Cine storage >2100 frame(Phased array)  
ECG component ECG  
Probe port 4,(3 active)  
Ethernet port 100M bits/s  
USB port 4  
Image format Image:JPEG、PNG、BMP、GIF;
DVD recorder Optional  
Printer USB printer and network printer  B&W Printer、Laser printer、Thermal printer
Hard disc capacity 500GB  
Probe and coupling agent cup 6 (2 big and 4 small)/detachable  
Trolley wheel 4 ,360°rotatable,lockabe  
Main screen 19 inch,resolution:1024*768  
touch screen panel 8.4 inchresolution:640*480  
Main screen rotating angle Two arm design and adjusting separately.
 Up-arm adjusting angle:+/-60deg,down-arm adjusting angle:+/-55deg.
Screen height are also adjustable
Main screen piching adjusting Pitching angle:+20deg~-90deg  
Operator panel rotating angle adjustable angle:+/-45deg  
Adjustable height of operator panel 0-200mm  
Frequency range 2~14MHz  
Convex probe  C5-2/50 2~5MHz Center frequency:3.3,detecting depth>160mm;Optioanl frequency:EPI、2.5、3.3、5.0、H5.0、H4.0MHz
Linear probe  L9-4/38  4~9MHz Center frequency:6.6,detecting depth>60mm;Optional frequency:4.0、6.6、9.0、H9.0、H8.0MHz
Phased array  P4-2/24  2~4MHz Center frequency:2.9,detecting depth>180mm;Optional frequency:EPI、2.5、2.9、4.0、H4.0、H3.3MHz
Intracavity micro Convex probe     VC9-5/10  5~9MHz Center frequency:6.0,detecting depth>80mm;Optional frequency:5.0、6.0、9.0、H10.0MHz
Convex probe  C5-2/60 2~6MHz Center frequency:3.3,detecting depth>180mm;Optional frequency:EPI、2.5、3.3、5.0、H5.0、H4.0MHz
Linear probe     L14-5/38  5~14MHz Center frequency:10.0,detecting depth>60mm;Optional frequency:6.6、10.0、14.0、H10.0、H6.0MHz
Volume probe DC7-3/40 3~7MHz Center frequency:4.0,detecting depth>100mm;Optional frequency:EPI、2.5、4.0、5.0、H6.0MHz
Abdomen Convex Probe Puncture holder Adapt all needle of 22-14G,one angle  
Superficial Linear Probe Puncture holder Adapt all needle of 22-14G,one angle  
Intracavitary Probe Puncture holder Adapt all needle of 18-16G ,one angle  
Main parameter of 2D image
Automatic and continuous focusing function Automatic and continuous focusing function  
Maximum focusing point 7  
Dynamic range 290dB  
Gray scale 256  
 Pseudo color 0-16 grade adjustable  
2D image presetting condition Built in: >30,user-defined:15  
Scan depth Maximum scan depth>25cm,Maximum display depth>36cm  
Angle of deflection (Linear probe))  +/-20deg  
2D frame Maximum frame:173 frame/s(Linear probe:L14-5/38,Non-harmonic frequency,Minimumscan area ,Minimum Depth,The highest frame,focus:1) Convex probe:2D Image,18cm image depth,full horizon,Frame frequency>30frame/s;
 Phased array:2D Image,18cm image depth,full horizon,Frame frequency>30frame/s;
Color Doppler Color、Power Doppler、DirPower Doppler、Tissue Doppler Image(TDI)  
Color deflection(Linear Probe)) deflection angle:+/-20deg  
Color baseline movement classification adjusting:>14 grade  
Color Image >10 type Color、Power Doppler、DirPower Doppler
Color frame frequency Maximum frame:173 frame/s(Linear Probe L14-5/38) Convex probe:2D Image,18cm image depth,full horizon,Frame frequency>30frame/s;
Spectral Doppler
Spectral Doppler Type PW Doppler、CW Doppler  
Minimum measuring speed <1mm/s(Non-noise signal)
Maximum measuring speed PWD blood flow rate:>+/-10m/s
 CWD blood flow rate: >20m/s
Baseline movement classification adjusting:>14 class  
Sampling width 0.5-40mm  
Cineloop time of Pulse wave doppler >45s  
Frame frequency of Pulse wave doppler(B/PW) Maximum:250frame/s  
Frame frequency of Pulse wave doppler(B/Color/PW) Maximum:48 frame/s  
Measurement and Report
Doppler Blood Measurement and Analysis Real-time & automatic Doppler frequency spectrum analysis  
Cardiac function measurement and analysis  Cardiac function count  Cardiac report template
Abdomen measurement and analysis    
Urology department measurement and anslysis    
Superficial and Sm parts measurement and Analysis    
Blood Vessel measurement and Analysis IMT automatic tracing Blood Vessel report template
Gyn &Obs measurement and Analysis NT、Fetal physilology score OBS Report template

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