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64 Precision Multi-slice spiral CT scanner MSLCTX08-Radiate Room CT Machine/ Multi-slice Helical CT Scanner

Quick Overview

Via the breakthrough design in precise hardware, software and imaging technologies, 64 Precision Multi-slice spiral CT scanner MSLCTX08 can provide precise diagnosis information and early detection for small lesions.

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Features of 64 Precision Multi-slice spiral CT scanner MSLCTX08

  1. AccuDose-Comprehensive low dose imaging
  2. AccuScan-Enjoy ease
  3. Space saving and cost saving in maintennace
  4. Ahead-Head dual-energy head imaging technology
  5. AccuTilt dual-mode gantry tilt technology
  6. AccuOrgan-Targeted organ imaging
  7. Admir iterative reconstruction technology

Specification of 64 Precision Multi-slice spiral CT scanner MSLCTX08

  • please refer to the table below.


Standard Imaging Software of 64 Precision Multi-slice spiral CT scanner MSLCTX08

  • Multi-Planar Reconstruction(MPR)
  • Curve Multi-Planar Reconstruction(CPR)
  • Surface Shaded Display(SSD)
  • Volume Rendering(VR)
  • Maximum Intensity Projection(MIP)
  • Minimum Intensity Projection(MinIP)
  • Virtual Endoscopy(VE)
  • CT angiography(CTA)
  • Tissue segmentation
  • One click bone remove
  • One click patient table remove
  • Bolus-tracking Technology
  • Spiral auto start
  • Cine display
  • Vessel measurable analysis
  • CT perfusion imaging
  • Aheart cardiac scan in spiral mode
  • ECG gating
  • Low-dose cardiac (axial acquisition in spiral mode)


Client Usage Photos of 64 Precision Multi-slice spiral CT scanner MSLCTX08

  • Please contact us for more details.


MSLCTX08 Specification
No. Technical feature Description
1 Gantry
1.01 Gantry type Low voltage slip-ring with AccuSlip-ring technology
1.02 Gantry driven type Strap-driven
1.03 Patient opening 70cm
1.04 Gantry tilt mode Dual-mode gantry tilt
1.05 Mechanical tilt capability ±30°
1.06 Digital tilt capability ±50°
1.07 Gantry remote-Control Provided
1.08 Detector type OptiWave rare-earth ceramic detector
1.09 Distance of focus-isocenter 56cm
1.10 Distance of focus-detector 98cm
1.11 Numbers of detector rows 32
1.12 Width of Z-axle detector 20mm
1.13 Detector columns of channels per row 912
1.14 Numbers of detector columns 29184
1.15 Data-transfer type RF,optical fiber communication
1.16 3D laser orientation Provided
1.17 External X-ray enable Interface for foot-pedal provided
1.18 Automatic exposure control (mAModulation) Provided
1.19 Auto-voice manager Breath graphical display Hold message(Record/Playback)Breath message (Record/Playback)
1.20 ECG-gating unit External type,provided
2 Scan parameter
2.01 Shortest 360 degree rotation time 0.39s
2.02 Allowed rotation times 0.39s,0.5s,0.8s,1.0s,1.5s,2.0s
2.03 Slice numbers per rotation 64
2.04 Minimum slice thickness of scan 0.625mm
2.05 Minimum slice thickness of reconstruction 0.3125mm
2.06 Maximum slice thickness of scan 10mm
2.07 Nominal reconstruction slice thickness 0.3125mm,0.625mm,1.25mm,2.5mm,5.0mm,7.5mm,10mm
2.08 Speed of image reconstruction(512×512) 65 frames/s
2.09 Scan FOV 52cm
2.10 Image reconstruction matrix 512×512,1024×1024
2.10 Image reconstruction matrix 512×512,1024×1024
2.11 Image display matrix 512×512,1024×1024
2.12 Maximum continuous scan duration 120s
2.13 Maximum continuous scan length 180cm
2.14 Direction of TOPO Front-back,Left-right
2.15 Max. length of TOPO 180cm
2.16 Range of pitch 0.1~1.5
2.17 Scan mode Scout scan ,Axial scan, Helical scan,Cine scan
3 HVPS and Tube
3.01 Maximum generator continuous output of HV 80kW
3.02 Tube kV selections 80kV,100 kV,120 kV,140 kV
3.03 Tube mA range 10~670mA
3.04 Tube anode heat capacity 8.0MHU
3.05 Heat dissipation rate 931kHU/min
3.06 Type of cooling Oil cooling + Air cooling
3.07 Tube focus Large:1.1mm×1.2mm Small:0.6mm×1.2mm
3.08 Dynamic flying focal spot technology Provided
4 Patient table
4.01 Maximum horizontal-movable range 1850mm
4.02 Table horizontal-scannable range 1800mm
4.03 Table horizontal-position repeatability ±0.25mm
4.05 Maximum vertical-movable range 500mm
4.06 Maximum speed of vertical movement 20mm/s
4.07 Maximum speed of horizontal movement 150mm/s
4.08 Maximum patient weight 205kg
4.09 Foot pedal of patient table control Provided
5 Image Quality
5.01 High contrast resolution 21lp/cm@0%MTF
5.02 Low contrast resolution 2.0mm@0.30%
5.03 Isotropic imaging resolution 0.3125mm
5.04 Range of CT numbers -32767~32768
5.05 Image noise ≤0.25@28mGy
6 Computer subsystem
6.01 CPU 3.5GHz
6.02 Memory 64GB
6.03 Storage of hard-disk 1Tx2
6.04 Monitor 24’’ LCD Monitor
6.05 Resolution of monitor 1920×1200
6.06 Image-data external storage type CD/DVD/USB
6.07 Time of image reconstruction(512×512) 15.4ms/frame
6.08 DICOM 3.0 interface Provided
6.09 Printer DICOM 3.0 interface Provided
6.10 Auto filming Provided
6.11 Worklist function Provided
7 Advanced application
7.01 Multi-Planar Reconstruction(MPR) Provided
7.02 Curve Multi-Planar Reconstruction(CPR) Provided
7.03 Surface Shaded Display(SSD) Provided
7.04 Volume Rendering(VR) Provided
7.05 Maximum Intensity Projection(MIP) Provided
7.06 Minimum Intensity Projection(MinIP) Provided
7.07 Virtual Endoscopy(VE) Provided
7.08 CT angiography(CTA) Provided
7.09 CT perfusion imaging Provided
7.10 Tissue segmentation Provided
7.11 One click bone remove Provided
7.12 One click patient table remove Provided
7.13 Bolus-tracking Technology Provided
7.14 Spiral auto start Provided
7.15 Cine display Provided
7.16 Vessel measurable analysis Provided
7.17 AbastTM bone artifact suppression technology Provided
7.18 AmastTM metal artifact suppression technology Provided
7.19 Admir3D all-field iterative reconstruction Provided
7.20 Low-dose pediatric scan technology Provided
7.21 Low-dose lung scan technology Provided
7.22 AccuHead grey-white matter enhanced technology Provided
7.23 AccuLung high resolution scan technology Provided
7.24 AccuOtica inner-ear high resolution scan technology Provided
7.25 AccuBody high resolution scan technology Provided
7.26 AccuBone high resolution scan technology Provided
7.27 Ahead head dual-energy CT scan Provided
7.28 Aheart cardiac scan in spiral mode Provided
7.29 ECG gating Provided
7.30 Low-dose cardiac (axial acquisition in spiral mode) Provided

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