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Full body radiation protective suit MSLLS01

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Radiation proof suit-MSLLS01

Note:mmpb can be decied by customer
The Revolution Front Protection Black Belt aprons have been designed to offer the highest comfort and protection of any front protection apron. Every Revolution Front Protection Black Belt apron has been re-engineered to offer an even better fit and increased comfort. 6” wide orthopedic elastic Black Belt supports the lower back while helping to remove apron weight from the shoulders.
  • * Full body radiation protection suit for maximum protection
  • * Shrug-and cinch design relieves weight from shoulders and allows even weight distribution
  • * Fully adjustable Back-Saver Belt for maximum support to the lower lumbar region
  • * Four weights to choose from: Standard Lead, LIghtweight Lead, Lead-free and Ultralight Lead-free
Specifications of radiation proof suit
  • 1.Anti radiation wear
  • 2.Anti x-ray radiation wearing overalls
  • 3.Lead jeans
  • 4.0.25mmPb
  • 5.Sizes are customized based on body sizes.
  • 6.CE-certified
  • 7.Feet protection can be optional.

Full body radiation protection suitImage

  •  Exclusive Revolution outer material
  • Partial overlap to increase protection
  •  Two-tone color blocking
  • Every Revolution Apron comes with Cool Wear moisture-wicking fabric
  • Professionally designed for an exceptional fit and comfort
  •  Revolution Fabric is the softest and most comfortable fabric ever used for x-ray protection products.
  • * Each color has been custom created for the Revolution line and is lightweight, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, flame resistant and bacterial resistant.

X-rays provide detailed images of muscles, bones, tissues, and other bodily masses, making it possible to detect fractures, tumors, and other conditions in need of treatment. Although their benefits far outweigh their risks, prolonged exposure to x-rays has been linked to an increased chance of developing various types of cancers. Lead x-ray aprons are often used to reduce exposure to both patients and personnel.
Wearing radiation protection lead aprons greatly reduces an individual's exposure to radiation. We offer three apron types which all meet or exceed recommended lead equivalency and attenuation rates, but each uses different materials to achieve this. The Regular Lead style contains 100% lead making these the heaviest apron we offer. Lead Composite aprons use a mixture of lead & other lighter weight metals making these lead aprons 25% lighter than regular lead aprons. NonLead aprons use 100% nonlead attenuating metals to provide complete protection. These aprons are the lightest weight aprons and are also 100% environmentally safe. There is no safe amount of radiation, so be sure to protect your staff and your patients with durable, high-quality X-ray aprons from Universal Medical.

The Right Radiation Protection Aprons for Your Specific Needs!
Choose the right apron weight: Standard Lead Aprons, LIghtweight Lead Aprons and even Lead-free and Ultralight Lead-free Aprons!
Need your aprons fast Grab 'n Go Radiation Protection Aprons - We offer 7 apron styles (along with radiation vests, kilts and coats) all color-coded by size. All in-stock Grab 'n Go Aprons ship same day.
Want customized aprons Order PerfectFit Radiation Protection Aprons - Select your perfect apron size, lead (or lead-free) weight, style (including vests and kilts), color (with over 300 apron colors to choose from), and personalized monogramming.

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Full body radiation protective suit MSLLS01Full body radiation protective suit MSLLS01Full body radiation protective suit MSLLS01Full body radiation protective suit MSLLS01Full body radiation protective suit MSLLS01Full body radiation protective suit MSLLS01Full body radiation protective suit MSLLS01

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