5D Ultrasound is the newest development in pregnancy imaging. It captures and combines high definition volume data to create automated images with amazing color and clarity.

It has come to my attention that there is a new “thing” out there. 5D ultrasound. I heard of this a few days ago and began my research on it. I wanted to know if this really was a new type of
ultrasound. If so, Baby Dimensions may have to get it. As I dove deeper into reading up on what exactly 5D is, I began to realize something.

What is 5D ultrasound

To explain fully, I will need to explain a little bit about ultrasound machine companies and marketing. There are many companies that make ultrasound machines. These companies want people to buy
their ultrasound machines. Now it has been my experience that GE is THE best 3D/4D and HD Live ultrasound machine on the market today. That is why we use the GE Voluson HD Live ultrasound machine.
It just has better detail than all the rest. It could be because GE DEVELOPED the first 3D ultrasound machines.

In my research, I learned that Samsung has come out with their own version of 3D ultrasound machines and of course they want people to use/purchase their ultrasound machine. As I studied the
pictures of both machines and read many comparisons of what 5D is, it became apparent to me that 5D and HD Live (GE’s latest version of upgraded 3D) are very much one and the same.
It is my opinion that Samsung just coined their own name for the HD Live.

We at Baby Dimensions are always listening for the latest and greatest way to see your baby. When there is a new technology out, and it is real, we will strive to get it for our clients!
As you can see with images at the bottom, there is no difference between 4D and 5D, it helps more in a diagnostic procedure to look at normality in testing.