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  • 2018 New Pet ICU Pet Incubator MSLDW01 2018 New Pet ICU Pet Incubator MSLDW01

2018 New Pet ICU Pet Incubator MSLDW01

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2018 New Pet ICU | Young Pet Incubator MSLDW01

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MSLDW 01 (Pet ICU/Young Pet Incubator) is a newly developed pet ICU and young pet incubator developed to serve an enormous need and fill a vacancy in the domestic pet care industry. This moderately sized piece of pet medical equipment will easily fit into most veterinarians’ practices and pet hospitals. Its characteristics and compact structural design functions perfectly server its purpose. The mechanism adopts "dual duct and double circulation convective thermal regulation" to create an excellent and bacteria-free therapeutic environment and young pet incubation environment similar to that provided pet parent (accompanied by purified air and proper temperature and humidity control).

In many countries, our Company is the first to introduce computer technology and auxiliary medical devices for pets in the area of ICU control systems. This allows for more accurate temperature control of ICU, and brings greater convenience for clinical use. The machine is equipped with an intelligent alarm device for five faults sensor, extreme temperature, excessive moisture, indoor carbon dioxide concentration, lack-of-water in the tank and power supply Interruption). This alarm system is tested and proven to be safe and reliable.

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Furthermore, it is equipped with a unique cabinet structure and double-layer thermostat cover, which can prevent loss of heat and radiant heat when nursing the pets. In addition, a temperature and humidity display device is provided, measuring current temperature with the set temperature clearly visible. The heating control adopts dual duct and double circulation convection heating technology. This prevents rapid change in temperature minimizing the shock that can be caused. It ensures that temperature of the ICU can rise evenly and gently. The Thermostat System adopts PID control technology, which can solve the problem of inertia temperature error comprehensively, thus the temperature control is more accurate and more energy efficient.

puppy incubator

2018 New Pet ICU | Young Pet Incubator MSLDW01 Advantages

1. Other brand only have the heater and ventilation fan on one side (right handed), we have double ventilation and heating system on both sides.

2. The temperature control tolerance in our unit is about 0.8 degrees, which could be 5 degrees in the other one.

3. We have three stages of water filtering system for the humidifier, when others only have a very simple filter inside.

4. We are the first one in the world to have quiet running built-in nebulizer.

5. We have the 254nm ultra-violet sterilization light inside.

6. We have Carbon Dioxide concentration detector, which does not exist in any other competitors'.

7. We have high concentration negative ion generating system.

8. All the components are made in plug-in way, so it's very easy to fix if there's any problem in case.

9. We have the specialized port for transfusion and oxygen.

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2018 New Pet ICU | Young Pet Incubator MSLDW01 Specification

1) Power supply voltage: 220V±10%/50Hz±2%

2) Input power: ≤400VA

3) Ambient temperature: 10°C ~ 35°C

4) Temperature control range

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Cabinet temperature: 15°C ~ 38°C (can be up to 39°C by special operations)

5) Temperature fluctuation: ≤0.8°C

6) Average temperature of monitoring chamber: ≤1.0°C

7) Cabinet temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.5°C

8) Temperature rise time: 5min ~ 20min

9) Noises in monitoring room: ≤30dB

10) Whole machine earth leakage current: ≤0.5 mA (normal state) ≤1 mA (single fault state)

11) Withstand voltage: 1500V/50Hz, lasted one minute without breakdown and flashover.

12) Ambient conditions:

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① Transportation and storage:

a. Ambient temperature: -10°C~40°C

b. Relative humidity: ≤95%

② Operating conditions:

a. Ambient temperature: 18°C ~ 30°C

b. Relative humidity: 30% ~ 75%

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